❤ ♡ A different kind of subscription box: My Little Box Nov 2015 ♡ ❤

Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that I’ve recently fallen out of love with Birchbox. Tired of endless creams and disappointment, I’ve turned to a box I’ve known about for a little while: My Little Box. Turns out I’ve subscribed just in time for a box that caters to one of the few loves of my life: baking! Keep reading to hear about this month’s offering!

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Simple Raspberry Elderflower Cake


On Wednesday we saw the end of The Great British Bake Off, and as much as that show brightens up my day, it makes you crave cake like crazy. The only way to remedy that was to bake something to eat during the final, but as I’ve been ill all week it had to be something simple, and that’s where this light but buttery bake comes in. Like a Victoria sponge, but with a fresh cream filling and slight tart sweetness from the elderflower, this is just enough of a twist on a very easy bake to make people think you’re a little less lazy than you actually are. Continue reading