❤ ♡ A different kind of subscription box: My Little Box Nov 2015 ♡ ❤

Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that I’ve recently fallen out of love with Birchbox. Tired of endless creams and disappointment, I’ve turned to a box I’ve known about for a little while: My Little Box. Turns out I’ve subscribed just in time for a box that caters to one of the few loves of my life: baking! Keep reading to hear about this month’s offering!


MLB is already incredibly popular in France and Japan, and is building a following in the UK of lovers of more than just beauty. Each box comes with a couple of beauty products from loved brands, plus something from their own brand My Little Beauty. On top of that though, each box is themed, giving you monthly treats, adorable illustrations and a mini-magazine every month.

November’s My Little Sweet Box comes packaged in this pretty, pastel-shaded cake tin, which is surprisingly sturdy and perfect for storing your baked treats or keeping your biscuits crunchy. Mine was immediately tipped out and used to transport some cupcakes to work the next day…!

Tucked into the top of the box was this My Little Chef half apron, illustrated with a black and white print matching that on the tin.   With a pocket on the front for hiding snacks for later or carrying your sprinkles around the kitchen, the apron is thick cotton and ties around the waist, keeping your lower half flour and icing sugar free (very handy if you’re as messy in the kitchen as I am…).

For beauty, this month my box contained:

bliss fabulous foaming face wash
A 2-in-1 cleanser and exfoliator from bliss, a hugely popular brand at the moment, made with rose hips, chamomile and passion flower. The scent reminds me a little of Calpol (the only good part of being ill as a child was the taste of calpol), but the wash itself is lovely. As someone with sensitive skin, the word “foaming” freaks me out a little as often it goes hand in hand with drying and harsh, but this doesn’t actually lather up too much and feels gentle and soothing.

So Elixir eau de parfum by Yves Rocher
The sample size of this perfume is incredble, and in a pretty little bottle this is a touch more stylish carrying around in your handbag than the little plastic spray tubes that some companies throw your way as often as possible (I’m looking at you Birchbox *cough cough*).  This is a typical Yves Rocher perfume, with a floral, woody scent that is very strong at first but wears off into a more subtle incense-esque musk.

Sweet Hand Cream “mains veloutées” by My Little Beauty
Firstly, can we talk about how cute the bottle is for this cream? As with all of MLB’s own brand products, the packaging is beyond adorable, with a tiny tulip pattern all over. The cream itself has a light and fresh scent that is a mixture of floral and sweet-but-not-sickly citrus. The texture is almost like a thick mousse, meaning it isn’t greasy and quickly sinks into the skin with almost no residue. The only downside is that you need quite a bit of this to really feel like you’ve covered your whole hands, so I can see this getting used up quite quickly!

As for the extras this month, the magazine comes with some handy recipes (two savoury, two sweet) and an interview with a lovely chef. You also get some cute stickers for labelling your kitchen jars and tubs (complete with funny little quotations), and of course a couple of  beautifully illustrated cards detailing the products in your box and discount codes should you want to purchase full sizes which I think is an invaluable touch.

All in all, this has to be one of my favourite things that I’ve ever received in the post, and pretty much everything in it has already been used!

If you’re looking for a subscription box with a difference, or you’re just sick of the same old same old coming in the post every month, look up My Little Box (if you get it delivered to your work, you’ll also receive a £1 discount on your subscription!).

If you have any other boxes to recommend me, please comment below!

Until next time 🙂



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