Mid-Autumn Mask Magic: Origins, Lush, Innisfree and Benefit

The seasons are changing here in the UK, and as much as I love Autumn, the turn in the weather from iced tea to hot chocolate sends my skin into a total panic. If your skin, like mine, needs a little more TLC after a day out in the elements, I’m talking today about some masks that might just do the trick without breaking the bank!  IMG_0102-0

I introduce to you my Autumn army of face masks! However, this selection of masks has got you covered for whatever the weather may be. Masks can either save you in a skin emergency or act as the ultimate pamper treat, letting you recreate that spa feeling in the comfort of your own home without the awkwardness of a stranger adjusting strategically placed towels and dressing gowns on you. Keep reading for a breakdown of my sweater weather skincare arsenal.


Lush Fresh Face Masks
Like every blogger and their mum, I’m a Lush fan. Unlike the rest of team internet, though, I’m not all about the bathbombs and instead stock up on their face masks as often as possible, and these are two of my favourites.

Catastrophe Cosmetic is my go-to mask for when disaster strikes. Blueberries to protect, calamine and chamomile to calm and soothe, and Irish moss gel to soften are blended together to create this thick, soothing mask that is perfect for when your skin is having a bit of a breakdown. This anti-oxidant rich mask also has gentle cleansing properties, so is perfect for acne-prone skin and hormonal breakouts, and is soft and soothing enough for allergic reactions and eczema, all of which I have used this for.

BB Seaweed is another of Lush’s most calming masks, and trust me it doesn’t smell of seaweed! It has a soft, floral scent with a hint of savoury, combining seaweed for its strengthening and revitalising properties, with honey – a well known moisturiser and antiseptic – and aloe vera for softening and soothing, plus a touch of rose absolute to balance the skin. I find this mask perfect all-over for combination skin, which is a rare find! Millet flakes mean that as you wash the mask off, it can be used as a gentle exfoliator. Great for soothing the skin after a long walk against the wind, or a day of commuting in the rain!

Sheet Masks
My favourite chill-out is having a shower, putting my PJs on, and letting my hair dry while I put on a sheet mask. These are soft round sheets soaked in the mask solution, with holes for eyes, nose and mouth. Whip one out of its packet (pop them in the fridge for a bit before for an extra cooling sensation), pin your hair back and lie back with one of these on (though maybe warn anyone you live before they think they’re living Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

These masks have only recently become a big thing over here in the UK, but I’ve been using them for a while imported from South Korea where most of the big beauty brands produce them. My favourites are from innisfree, and the one I stock up on is the it’s squeeze green tea – a triple layered sheet that jam packs your skin full of moisture, with green tea to leave the skin hydrated and supple, though the it’s squeeze range offers a variety of other fruit and plant masks. I buy my sheet masks on eBay from a seller called f2plus1, who always sends them well packaged and with free samples(!) but there are many reputable sellers to buy from!

Origins Masks
Behold my army of Origins masks!

Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask is one I chose at the Build Your Own Birchbox event at Selfridges (which you can read all about here) and has all the properties of an ultimate ‘deep conditioner’ for your skin. As the weather is getting colder and your skin is a mess of dry and flaky bits, this is the remedy. I pop this on overnight when my skin is dry, looks like it’s about to breakout or is just dull and unhappy – you don’t need too much, it has a faint tropical sort of scent and doesn’t feel greasy or sticky like some other overnight masks – and wake up looking refreshed and glowing! I can imagine this being the perfect inconspicuous treatment for flights or long train journeys as well – a bit more socially acceptable than a sheet mask.

Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask claims to rescue problem skin, and this is fast becoming my ‘date night’ mask. Now this is by no means a cure, but having recently been through a horrible bout of cystic acne this mask was a phenomenal find. With new blemishes and spots rearing their ugly heads just at the worst moment, 10 minutes of this in those problem areas soothes and calms even where I have been red raw and sensitive, helping me to feel a little less terrified about sitting opposite my boyfriend in a restaurant or going to a meeting at work.

Clear Improvements active charcoal mask to clear pores does exactly what it says. In Autumn and Winter I find myself wearing more heavy duty moisturisers, and cracking out a variety of concealers to even out my skin tone whilst trying to clutch desperately onto the remnants of my tan. All this, combined with the London Underground, makes for some pretty poorly pores, and there is nothing better than a clay or charcoal mask to pull out all the impurities. If you have oily skin, open your pores with a good steam or warm flannel, put this on all over or just in problem areas like the T-Zone, let it dry and then wash off to see your pores clearer and minimised and to keep blackheads at bay. Be warned though that these “clearing” type masks can bring some nasties to head, so don’t be surprised to see a couple of spots the next day! 

I like to apply a bit of this on my nose, forehead and chin, and then the Out of Trouble mask everywhere else, for a nice even treatment.

Eye ‘Mask’
Now last but not least, this isn’t necessarily designed as a mask, but as a sufferer of the much dreaded puffy eyes I’ve had to learn to be creative! Benefit’s It’s Potent eye cream was recommended to me by a friend for dark circles, but one night I started slathering it on a little thicker using it like a sleeping pack. Come morning, the puffiness is gone, and although I haven’t noticed much of a difference in my dark circles (nothing I’ve ever tried has helped them budge) the eye area feels refreshed and awake. I then go about my morning skincare routine, and apply a normal layer for the day.

Hope you’ve had a bit of cold weather inspiration for your skin care routine! Do you have any recommendations for other products for the cold weather? Let me know in the comments what masks you use when you need a bit of me time.

Until next time!



6 thoughts on “Mid-Autumn Mask Magic: Origins, Lush, Innisfree and Benefit

    • Kat says:

      Aw thank you! Lush masks are great, and as they need to be kept in the fridge they’re always cold and soothing! The Benefit eye cream is the best I’ve found, but almost as good for depuffing on a budget is the Body Shop elderflower eye gel 🙂 love your blog! X

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