September Birchbox

If you saw my post on Selfridge’s build your own Birchbox, you’ll know that I had a bit of a moment, and am now officially a convert to the beauty box way. Just in time, I managed to squeeze my way in before the end of the month, so here’s a quick look at the September 5th Birthday/Birchday box…

Firstly, the box is adorable and will probably be used to store some of the junk in my room within a week. On first glance the most obvious item is big and turquoise but we’ll get to that later.

Beauty Protector Beauty Wash Body Cleanser (£8)

This Birchbox exclusive brand smells like washing yourself with a marshmallow. I don’t usually like sweet scents for body care, but I don’t mind this as it has a lovely lather and doesn’t dry out your skin, meaning you feel soft and squishy straight out the shower. Reminds me a bit of Lush’s Snow Fairy shower gel, but a little more caramel-y and much more moisturising.

Laura Mercier Face Polish (£26)

The microbeads in this exfoliate have a very sand-like feel to them, but combined with the creamy wash this product is a rich emollient – soothing and softening – that buffs away dead skin without aggravating or irritating. First impressions are good but this product and I need a little more time together.

Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip Pencil in Humble Brag (£16.75)

The formula of this crayon is creamy and soft, making it versatile as long a lip and cheek colour. If it was a different colour, I would love it to pieces, but I’m just not a big pink fan and this is particularly neon. I got the prompt from Hello Lavender to use this as a cheek colour instead of lip, and it works a treat but is still a bit too pink for me!

Benefit the POREfessional: License to Blot (£15.50)

I’m a big Benefit fan, plus have a horribly oily T-Zone, so this product is in theory my dream come true. License to Blot is an oil-blotting stick that claims to mattify shine for up to 6 hours. Despite being pretty confused about how to use it at first, this is a nice product when used on bare skin, and does keep my very oily skin matte for a good hour or two, but beyond that I start to get shiny all over again and using this over make-up just makes the stick dirty. Not my favourite Benefit product, worth a try but probably won’t purchase the full size.

John Masters Organics Citrus & Neroli Detangler (£16)

I don’t tend to like leave in treatments, but this citrusy, slightly floral detangler doesn’t have the same oily, sticky feel that others do, and can also be used like a normal conditioner in the shower. Having tried both, I much prefer it as a leave in treatment, as it leaves a lovely clean scent scent that hangs around for a good while.

Birchbox “Best Hair Day” birchbrush (£5.99)

This month’s extra is this cute little hair brush and I have to say it’s probably my favourite thing in the box. Although it has that all too familiar shape, I actually prefer this to my tangleteezer because of the staggered bristle height. My fine hair just winds itself around tangleteezer bristles, whereas the variety of bristle heights in this brush works wonder on my layered hair, while smoothing the hair cuticle and giving shine.

Overall a nice, well rounded box, though I’d probably only consider repurchasing the Laura Mercier product. What were your favourite products this month? Are there any you would buy?

Until next time!



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