❤ ♡ A different kind of subscription box: My Little Box Nov 2015 ♡ ❤

Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that I’ve recently fallen out of love with Birchbox. Tired of endless creams and disappointment, I’ve turned to a box I’ve known about for a little while: My Little Box. Turns out I’ve subscribed just in time for a box that caters to one of the few loves of my life: baking! Keep reading to hear about this month’s offering!

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« Makeup Revolution Mini-Haul! »


No matter how many high end make-up brands we ogle over in stores or on the internet, sometimes nothing beats a good high street/drug store bargain. So when the brand Makeup Revolution launched in March 2014, budget beauty fans raised their arms to the sky and danced and sang and glitter rained down on everyone.

Having now been around for about a year and a half, Makeup Revolution has been making waves with their incredible value for money products, and particularly for their  shade-for-shade dupes of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I’m ashamed to say it’s taken me so long to jump on the MUR bandwagon, but here we are: a mini-haul of some of their best loved products.

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❄ 2015 Beauty Advent Calendars ❄

beauty cals

It’s officially 10 weeks until Christmas and that means warm fires and endless hot chocolates and beauty advent calendars! No? Just me?

Well if you’re in the market for an advent calendar with a little more than tiny deformed snowman shaped chocolates,here are a couple of my favourites available now or coming soon to a shop/web browser near you. Continue reading

⋆ October Birchbox 2015 ⋆


So I’ve been pretty excited about this month’s Birchbox as I’m still new to the whole subscription box thing, and this month saw us with a choice of two interesting boxes: a ‘back to basics’ box, and another compiled by guest editor Joanna McGarry, the associate editor of Stylist. As you can probably tell, I went for the Stylist Box, which turned out to be a bit of a mixed batch of items that will be great for this month as I’m going to a wedding, and a couple that I’m not so sure about. The whole box has quite a summery feel, which is strange for October, but let’s have a look… Continue reading

Simple Raspberry Elderflower Cake


On Wednesday we saw the end of The Great British Bake Off, and as much as that show brightens up my day, it makes you crave cake like crazy. The only way to remedy that was to bake something to eat during the final, but as I’ve been ill all week it had to be something simple, and that’s where this light but buttery bake comes in. Like a Victoria sponge, but with a fresh cream filling and slight tart sweetness from the elderflower, this is just enough of a twist on a very easy bake to make people think you’re a little less lazy than you actually are. Continue reading

Jinjuu: modern Korean food in London


  I am a huge advocate of all things Korean. Their skincare is unrivalled, their pop music is adorable, and their food…well. Korean dining is having a bit of a moment in London, but people still seem afraid to go full Korean – and that’s where Jinjuu, a contemporary take on traditional Korean dining, takes centre stage. The last time I visited was at the soft launch, but as the restaurant has been up on its feet for a while I felt it was only time to go back. We spent last Friday there eating and drinking the night away, and so I thought I’d share my recommendations (plus some serious food pics that make me wanna take a lunch break while writing this).

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